Sunday, June 4, 2006

Special people-fulltimers

I'm finding out there’s not many full time RVers out there, mostly vacationers and weekends. Fulltimers are a special kind of people. I keep looking for stuff to do and go and beginning a list of what has to be bought before we get on the road. It’s now getting hotter so have to think more on the cool side of things. Like do we get a generator? solar panels? With the RVbasics people, it’s nice to have ideas, problems and answers from that forum and saving them. Always something to learn about.
We haven’t been online the last couple weeks with the forums. It’s been a busy time so guess we’re just hanging out there. I’m getting emails all the time from rvbasics and getting some good advice and good ideas for full timing. Time is slowly moving but sure is slow.

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