Tuesday, February 7, 2006

RV show, Raleigh

Feb 7, 2006

I'm still reading all the forums. Our first picks are the Excel, Teton, and maybe a couple other mid to high end 5th wheels are basically what we're studying. The forums are very informative and it will be fun to pick a couple rigs and follow what they do to them in the next few years. I’m checking into financial progress on maybe more going into the IRA or some sort of higher interest income. The excitement hasn’t dwindled yet. Seems when I’m about to forget it for awhile something creates interest.

Another RV show here in Raleigh. We knew what we wanted to look at this time and there were a few that we didn’t see in Greensboro. We’ve got it down to about 5 different ones that we like the interior, so now we need to look underneath and get all the stats.

At this time it’s the Montana, 3500RL, or Montana 3400RL, Crossroads/Paradise Point PF36SK, and top of the list is the Cedar Creek/Forest River 36RLTS. Not sure if the 36’ would be too much, but it’s sure nice. We took interior pictures this time of each of them to look at them daily if we want too. I kinda like the fireplace under the TV with the computer desk right next to it. You can see the TV from the dining area which will be really nice. We would like to see the Teton, the Excel and the Hitchhiker II, before getting really set on one RV. Now it will be fun to see the changes from one year to another. We’ve decided to get the truck at least 2 years in advance. We’ll be able to drive it really well before getting a trailer to pull.

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