Sunday, March 12, 2006


March 12, 2006

Time has stopped. I’ve been reading a lot on the forums on repairs while on the road, kinda got me wondering if we’re going to be able to handle all the stuff. Then I wrote to Jamie with the e-zine rv-basics and she said if you take care of the vehicle there will be less problems. She’s been on the road for 8 yrs with no repairs. Just watch the tire pressure, the load and keep the oil changed. I’m getting anxious to get things going and get packed. We did go out to drive trucks yesterday. The Diesel Dodge dually rode really rough and the handling of the steering wheel felt rubbery, or a play in it. Neither of us were impressed. We then drove the GMC diesel and really liked it. We’re still leaning toward a single axle one ton truck. We figure on 4 yrs to get the truck and one year to get the 5th wheel then retire and go fulltime. Lots to do and think about. Let’s get the months moving!! Even if we DIDN’T do the fulltime, what is there to do after retirement but sit around be bored and try to find another job. I can’t wait to get going. Money will be a concern. We really do need to have everything paid for before getting on the road.

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