Thursday, April 6, 2006

More RV search

April 9, 2006

Still looking at different RV’s and checking the forums and sites almost nightly. Today we looked at a co-workers OPENROAD 5th wheel from 2004. It’s 39’ and has two couches. It’s bigger then we want and the newer ones have a better layout. The kitchen was laid out very well, but some little things just wasn’t right for us. Plus, we’re no where ready to buy. I’m getting more serious about a full time job so we can have all this stuff paid for before we get on the road. I sure hate to use our Roth upfront to pay for everything and not have reserve when we need it later in life. I’m hoping to sell a lot of stuff between now and before we leave. Still time has stopped. I can’t wait to go to Wilmington for another RV show.

We took a trip to Winston-Salem, Bill Plemmons RV sales & service. It’s quite a large dealer and we met with Eric Blanks which took all morning to show us the Landmark and Bighorn 5th Wheel. He showed us a lot of how it all works and how easy the layouts are for the slides, water etc. The construction of the Landmark is awesome. Nice ceilings that are padded for more quiet effect. Nice interior for the 3400RL. The basement is excellent for storage with no protrusions of equipment to get in the way for plastic boxes. The electric jacks are nicely laid out. We are very impressed. The price difference between the two is about $20G. $50 or $70. The layout is what we want from front to back.

We have it down to: Landmark/Bighorn, Hitchhiker II, Excel

Now to get the truck which we’re fairly sure it will be the GMC. The final construction and the final layout of an RV. WE STILL HAVE 4 YRS to go. Soooo much can happen within that time. I’m trying to figure out if I should really look for full time work to have a good payment to make on both items. It’s only April. bummer.

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