Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Let's back up

I decided to get everyone up to-date on what has been accomplished for our full time experience. When we first decided to go on the road and sell everything, I had to get rid of stuff. I went to each room for a visual. I'm organized and it didn't look that bad, very little clutter. I decided to clean out the clothes first. I'll never get into that size clothes that's been hanging for years in a couple closets. I also had hundreds of t-shirts, some that were way to little. Those all went into big trash bags and taken to the shelter. Once I got into the drawers, jewelry, and cedar chest, I took out everything that I could part with or worth a couple bucks. I took everything to a friends house for a garage sale. We're not allowed garage sales in the condo area. I made $80, but it was so hot and miserable that not many people came. I did sell 40 records and a bunch of jewelry. Books also sold well, along with blankets (even at 90+ degrees). I was pleased. That was the first thing I did. Now in the next few days, I'll post details on what I did for each room. I thought I was doing quite well in getting everything out, but a girlfriend visited this summer that has been full timing for 12 yrs and she says I STILL have a lot to get rid of. So, we'll take a look at what's gone, what's still here and what I plan to do next.

Scheduled date for RV/Truck 1208 days

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Karon said...

Dee, Welcome to the blogging world. This is great! Congratulations!!!!!

Hugs, Karon