Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let's start with the Kitchen

The kitchen was the first thing I tackled to clean up. I took
everything out of all the cupboards and drawers. I sold, gave away or put things in boxes. I had tons of cups that you get from events, like hockey, NASCAR Races etc. those I dumped. It's amazing what you find in the back of cupboards or drawers. I kept out the daily things I use, but the rest were put in a box in another room (the RV room as we call it).
I found I needed some utensils so just had to go to the box to get it. So far there's not been a whole lot that I've needed. I'll take the box to the shelter the next time I have a big load. My kitchen is just one counter bigger then an RV. I shouldn't have too much trouble with space. Behind the door is a really big closet with all the food, THAT I'll miss. As you can see I'm huge on refrigerator magnets. I love them, that I hope to keep. My suggestion, if you don't use something in the kitchen for one year, get rid of it.

Days left to get the RV/Truck 1206

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A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

Dee, I used to have lots of refrigerator magnets too. The thing about RV refrigerators is they're mostly wood paneled so nothing for the magnet to stick too so unless you velcro them to the refrigerator, that's something else to do away with!