Monday, January 21, 2008

Call about an RV

We got a call tonight that is really neat. We put in a request to an RV dealer in Virginia that has NuWa's. We have an eye on a Hitchhiker Champagne 5er. There's no where in the East to see them except VA. So we asked them to call when they had one in. What dealers do is try to lure you to the dealership, even when they really don't have what you want and they'll show you another one they're trying to sell. This was the call. "Hey, we know what you want but we have this really neat Cameo, by Carriage". We aren't going up until we KNOW they have the Hitchhiker. It was a surprise call though and now it's spiked my energy level again for fulltime. There's times we think we should back out. It's scary, giving up everything you own, what you know and going into a future of "what if". Nah, sounds exciting, (I keep telling myself that).

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