Thursday, January 10, 2008

Beginning 2008

The first of the year has been quiet. Still working the same schedule, still trying to get use to the truck. I don't drive the truck often enough to get use to it. Linda ( suggested to park backwards it's easier. She's right it is. I'm not doing too bad, but still try to find spaces that are wide or two open together.

We sat down and got all our planning on paper. This year we're going to THE Rally, in Perry, Ga for a bunch of seminars and maybe seeing some 5ers that we still haven't seen yet. In June we're going to St. Louis, and Chicago to see the kids/grandkids, then to the rally for rv-dreams in Branson, MO. The end of Oct, we're going to Reno, NV to see our RV friends. That will bring us back to winter again. In 2009, we'll go to LOW in KY for the seminars. LOW is life on wheels to learn about RV'ing. We're also going to the factories of Excel, Hitchhiker and maybe New Horizon. In 2010 we'll get really serious on what to buy. We're thinking 2010 of getting an apt so we KNOW the condo will be sold. 2011 we will be buying used 5er and get the truck. We found a place to stay near here and that's been a relief. It's only $365 a month with full hookups. We're really excited at this point.

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