Saturday, November 10, 2007

Turning point for us

Just as we’re preparing for another year getting ready for the fulltime, we had a car crash that didn’t hurt us but sure did destroy the Lexus. The front of it was all crunched. A boy 20 yrs old was getting food off the seat and ran a red light at Walnut and I64 intersection. We didn’t see it coming at all, in fact there was a car next to us that was barely missed and we’re the ones that got hit. What an odd feeling, not even knowing what happened at first. We got the insurance money almost immediately like in the first 3 days. We got a rental on Monday (wreck was on Sat) and looked for a vehicle the following Sat. We didn’t know if we should get another car, truck and just a junker, it’s still 3 ½ yrs away before getting the bigger truck, but we settled on a 2004 white GMC 1500 fully loaded truck. It’s huge, (at least for us) . It will take some time to get use to it and the gas will be expensive. It will help in knowing what the bigger truck will do and how to handle parking etc. We’re in for some cool experiences and one step closer to getting on the road. There's always a reason things happen, is there something we don't know about?

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