Thursday, November 8, 2007

A wreck, now what?

Wow, two years since our idea of going fulltime. Sometimes it feels like yesterday and other times it feels like 6 yrs. So much has been going on this past week. We paid off the Lexus on Jan 1 of this year and Jim is so excited about owning it. A kid 20 yrs old hit us this past weekend and totaled the car. So now what do we do? Get a used truck, a used car? It’s way too early to get the GMC one ton truck to pull the RV with, the timing just isn’t right. We’re bumming, I’ll keep you updated. I’m on chat every night with the rv-dreams people. Howard is doing some really cool chats with organized questions, like how to find a campsite. It’s been great so far learning with all the fulltimers. Sometimes it’s tearful, because I want to get on the road so bad. I cleaned out the kitchen, a couple drawers, found a place to sell stuff and to dump stuff. It seems like it’s all coming together, but ya never know it’s still 1638 days before Jim retires. Ok, on with the next year. Bring on 2008, I’m ready to tackle another year.

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Anonymous said...

That wreck happened way back in November?? It's been almost 3 months?? Wow! Crazy.