Saturday, September 29, 2007

Checking out a Titanium

We took a trip today to Wilson, NC, to see a Titanium. Sandra from the RV-Dreams set us up with a Titanium owner and we made arrangements to go see them. It was well worth the trip. We learned so much and the rig is laid out exactly like we want it. The living room has the TV on the right wall with cupboards all around it. It’s so homey. The bed going over the bed of the truck and the slide going out to the right, there’s a lot of storage and a lot of closet space in the bedroom. It has a large and small window which is also really nice. We love the underbelly of it, which is full and open with no hump. It’s a 2006 32’ so we won’t be getting that year model but sure is nice. Gives us some ideas about the Titanium which isn’t classified as fulltime rig.

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