Saturday, January 7, 2006

First RV Show

Time is really going slow. We’re still looking every night on the net for forums, ideas, and whatever we can find on 5th wheels.

What a great day in Greensboro. We went to the RV show and found a lot of the 5th wheels that we’ve been reading about and looking a the floor plans. We’ve narrowed the choices somewhat, but not enough yet to go out and buy. We have 4 yrs yet to do that. We do know we want the living room in the back with a bunch of windows. A desk and the TV on a slide out. The kitchen angled and maybe a small island if it’s not angled. We sat and talked about how to pick an RV with Keith Kieve and his wife. It was a great day. There’s Class A’s that are ½ million dollars and 5th wheels in $100 thousand range. Amazing! Now to continue reading up on what we like and see where to go from here. It's so overwhelming!!

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