Thursday, November 24, 2005

Christmas decorations

Same thing everyday, still reading and still working with the websites. On Thanksgiving weekend I decided to pull out all the Christmas decorations, which I hadn’t decorated in years. All the decorations I no longer could use on my tiny tree were taken to the local Salvation Army. Still walking around the condo getting ideas on what I’ll keep, sell, and give away. More drawers are getting checked out, but I have to remember it’s 5 yrs away, will I use it before then. Goal in 2006 is separate the things I THINK I’ll have to have with the things I’m not sure about needing.

We bought a CD from rv consumers with the 5th wheel ratings. We’re looking forward to the RV show in Greensboro in January. Jim is working on what 5th will go with what truck. So far so good, we’re really looking forward to getting on the road. I finally found a website that describes some of the problems you can have on the roads. It can't all be good, so was looking for what can go wrong on the road and how to prepare for it.

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