Wednesday, March 28, 2007

DVD's, CD's and meeting another couple

I took a bunch of old 8mm movies, photos and 16mm movies to a place that puts it all to dvd. It was all he pictures from Viet Nam and all the baby movies of both kids. It was well made with music and lots of extra views. That will save us room in the RV. I'm also scanning all the photo albums and putting them to CD. I have over 75 albums, anxious to see how many CD's that will be.

We met a couple from Durham that was writing on the RV-Dreams website. Since they were so close we decided to meet. They’re also going fulltime in a few years, about the time we are, 2010-11. They are our age and working till closer to retirement. We’ll compare notes along the way in what we sell and when we get our trucks and rigs. They’re a really nice couple. I hope we keep up to date with them. The weather is awesome and it would be fun to be on the road seeing the spring bloom of everything. Patience. It will be good to have enough money to pay for everything and still have some for left over for emergencies.

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