Monday, January 22, 2007

Hobbies another RV show

I just thought of a new craft to do on the road. Maybe do crocheting and make booties, or useful things that other RV’ers can use. Sell my merchandise, I’ll have to practice and get better at it. Maybe do stuff that includes beads, putting the two together.

The Raleigh RV show was today and man was it a bust! Last year they had several high end RV’s this year there were none. It was so disappointing. There were more Class A’s than there were anything else and that wasn’t too well displayed. The weather was cold but no rain this year which helped. Lots of people. Most were toy haulers and smaller pop up tents.

There were a few new ideas that we haven’t seen. One 5th had the living room in the top where the hitch is, but it seemed closed in and too confining, plus the steps going up would be all the time rather then the bedroom where you go up once a day, not all day to watch TV. We did find out that the Big Sky/Montana is now the upper end model. I guess we’ll have to go out west to see the higher end models, or at least to Indiana, or KS to see what we’re wanting. We’ll keep plugging along. We did find a truck/5th wheel combination model that is really neat.

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