Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Things come at ya fast. Today after work was mommy day. Work was same as it has been lately, the boss says one thing to do then changes it to something else after your done. Just life in a company. I picked up mom at 1:15, then went across the street to eat then get her hair cut. I'll backup a bit for some background information.

Mom will be 85 in March. She's not in good health, but doing ok so far. She has spells that no one can find out what's wrong, when she stands very long her legs won't support her. She walks and she's fine. She hasn't fallen yet, but feels like she will if she doesn't sit down real quick. She gets spells that she knows where she is, but it's like looking through a water glass. It's hard to explain, but I'm just saying how she describes it. Otherwise, she's doing really well. She lives in a retirement home just .3 miles away from us so I can get to her really quickly. I get her once a week after work to do our errands. We get groceries and anything that needs to be done. I took her across town to the craft store today. She makes her own cards and she needed supplies.

After the haircut, and the craft store, it was time to get groceries. On the way out of the parking lot, I looked left, I looked right, I looked behind and backed up. CRUNCH, I thought at first I hit a cart, it was that type of crunch. I still didn't see anything, so got out of the car to check to see what I hit. Yep, another car. The driver was a young woman and she thought the same thing I did, thinking it was a cart. Well, my drivers side back bumper had a bad crunch and hers was broken, split bumper. She was in a real hurry to pick up a 7 yr old daughter at the bus stop. She just wanted to drive away. My mom had a fit and I did too, I wasn't sure what damage I really had because I couldn't open my back door. I called the cops and it wasn't long they arrived. The report took 15 minutes, neither of us received a ticket.

I dropped mom back to the retirement home, then went up the street a bit to a car repair place. The guy said the inside of the door is bent. To make it work well, the whole door needs to be replaced. He took out a couple screws and got a crow bar pushed out the dent in the side bumper and got the back door open. That's all that matters. The door will be $700 and the bumper will be another $200, but since I can open and shut it, I'm not going to file insurance. It's a 1998 car. I'm only going to have it a few more years and will sell it. There's no other visible damage except a bent license plate. It shuts, it opens it works, case closed. That's my first wreck, luckily it was just a fender bender.

Days left to buy the RV/Truck 3 yrs 3 mths 16 days


Anonymous said...

Wow! Glad everything turned out ok and that no one was hurt. Be careful out there!

Anonymous said...

Wonder what you guys will hit with a huge truck and RV. Be sure you keep me posted on where you are so I'm not near you on the road. :p