Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cleaning out the Bedroom

As I was rudely interrupted yesterday, we'll continue on what I've been doing to get ready for fulltime. I didn't think there would be much in the bedroom, but found out differently. I had already cleaned out all the clothes in the closet. I threw out a lot of old T-Shirts which I no longer could wear or just didn't like. As you're looking around, take a look under the bed. I didn't realize how much stuff can be stuffed under the bed. I had old puzzles, papers, frames, and is that someone coming or going? That means dust, a bunch in one spot. I know I'm not really good at moving the bed to clean, but come on now. I guess I'll have to get the sweeper under there more often. Anyway, I took it all out, cleaned and threw everything out. If I haven't needed it by now, I won't need it in the RV. I checked dresser drawers, the night stands and threw everything that I haven't touched in awhile into the trash. It looks so clean, even though things were hidden from view. I did have a clock that I sold, that was in one of the night stands. The second bedroom was the same. The bed is a little higher up so had small boxes stuffed under the bed. It wasn't as bad with dust, but with everything all out and cleaned it was a good feeling. I hadn't tackled the spare closet yet, so decided to get rid of all the non-RV stuff. I sold several items, and threw out a lot. Now that closet can be used for the seasons, winter storage then summer. It feels good to have so much space.

It was a good day for friendship. I picked up mom and met with a boss I had several years ago. I'm so thankful we stay in touch, she's really great and has become a very good friend. I worked 5 hours which seemed more like 20, came home, got supper and sat in the recliner with the computer for another night in chat with everyone in RV-Dreams. That's what life is all about, relaxing and doing what you like the best.

Time left to buy the truck/RV 3 yrs 3 mths 15 days

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