Saturday, July 6, 2024

Atlantic is Already Active - July 4th Party - First Meeting - BIG NEWS

 Shalimar, FL     (Hi 92    Lo 79)   Humidity high 70's

There's already been 2 named storms in the Atlantic. There's one more roaming around which may develop next week. The Grenada Islands, and Jamaica were hit this week. I'm posting this because I read back on hurricanes at a later date.

Monday:  I watched live video cams from Grenada, St. Lucia and Barbados. I watch cams of a lot storms with hurricanes and tropical storms, at least till the power goes off where they're located. This year there's a lot more individuals holding up phones and putting live shots on and TicTok. It's been a great week of watching everything possible while crocheting. Well, I should say watching in-between the activities of the week.  I found a youtube video on the first views of  Carriacou, Grenada.  Check it out here   Very few houses are without damage. That looks like a beautiful place to live, till you're hit with a hurricane. 

Thursday was July 4th and we had 40 people signup for lunch. It was too hot outside to sit, so we put everyone in the Village one lounge. Quite a few didn't show up, so we had plenty of seats. Great food and I met a few new people that's in our village that I've never seen. All parties are about the food. (Click on photos to enlarge)

                                                            Great apple pie!



I think half the residents went home and had a nap. I did some visiting with a family that came to visit a friend of mine. Then it was time for cards (and another piece of pie).

The fireworks started about 8:00 and they were all around us. We have tons of trees, but a few went above them. It was a great hot humid night, but what I could see were neat, more color and booms from past years. 

Friday was busy.  Activities meeting was at 10:30. There's long list of things going on this month. I came home had lunch and went to sip and paint mid afternoon. Here's the results. (Click photos to enlarge).

and mine
Saturday:  My first monthly meeting for the village went well. I was very prepared and everything was written down. If you know me, I don't do well in front of a "group" of people. I know all these gals which makes it worse but I did ok. I'll get more comfortable the more I do it. I bring the news from the council meetings and activities to the group, they in turn give me problems in the village and I take it back to management. 

I got a call from grandson, Kyle.  They're going to have a baby in January!!!!  I'm going to be a GREAT GRANDMA!!!!!!!

This next week will be fun and a little different. Stay tuned.


owensontheroad said...

Congratulations on being a great grandma to be! I too was watching the news on Beryl. Our favorite resort is on Cozumel. There was minimal damage to the resort, but most of the staff had power lines down and lots of trees down. They are all pretty poor. All of us members are helping out where we can.

Phyllis said...

As always, when things look scary down there, we have 2 extra beds, a futon and an inflatable bed.

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