Saturday, September 30, 2023

Google Maps - German Lunch - Trails - Harvest Moon

 Shalimar, FL   (Hi 90   Lo  68)

What a fun first few days. I have three friends on the road and I followed them on google maps location. At one point a couple were close to each other but they don't KNOW each other. Another couple met up while driving close in Oklahoma.  I can put the little man on the road and see what they see. One of them is back home but I still have a couple more roaming around. It's been fun to see thru their eyes the sightseeing they're doing. 

This week wasn't as exciting. I'm getting to the point I need a change and since it's cooler I'll be working on my patio when I get back from Chicago in a couple weeks. I'm going to be with youngest son for the Chicago marathon and will be gone for five days, that will be different and a lot to put on the blog for that week. I leave Thursday. 

I played Wii bowling Monday and Wednesday. The scores are all over the place but at least I'm keeping a 600 series. Craft class is still working on the diamond painting and I ordered another one which is Christmas gnomes. I love working on something with a bunch of other people. I also still go to a crochet group and brought a couple other gals with me on Thursday. 

Rehab is almost done. I'm working on advanced balance which I'm doing fairly well. Close your eyes and kick one leg out front and back then move up a step. I haven't mastered that yet and if you can do it, you'll have no problem if you almost fall, you'll catch yourself. I'm doing pretty good on the strength, at least a gallon of milk isn't so hard to pick up anymore. 

The highlight of this week was the German Octoberfest. I didn't go. but took some pictures and grabbed a couple more from Facebook that someone else posted. (Click on the photos to enlarge)

                                    I love the outfits the employees wore, this is Chris
                                                                and Ashley
Lindsey and Ashley with the beer keg

Chris with huge pretzels
And the main meal

Jack, our youngest grandson had homecoming recently and here's a couple pictures of them. They sure grow up fast. I'll be going to high school graduation next year. 

I've been crocheting quite a bit and still getting orders. It's something to do in the evenings and I appreciate it. Here's a couple items for this week.  The Jayhawk for Kansas mascot
         And a puffin for a gal that was just in Iceland. I can use qtips for feet to make the items stand up. 
We have a couple trails in the woods and I walked with another gal to see what it's like. It's very quiet and there's lots of animal footprints. There's no bugs, but lots of interesting things that the village has put in, like gardens. I really enjoyed it, just to be in nature is quite a different feeling. It's advised not to do it in the dark, but sure was nice during the day. 
                                            This is a fungus of some sort that's everywhere. 

                                                                    Signs to tell the path

I'll end the blog this time with the harvest moon .It was gorgeous!


Phyllis said...

And that is how we met in person. Another Blogger saw that we were camped next to each other. Amazing what a small world we live in. Enjoy your upcoming visit. While you are visiting up north, my daughter from PA will be visiting us here down here in the south.

Miriam said...

Another busy week and a great blog. You have a handsome grandson there. And I love your crochet projects! You are amazing. I love the woods, walking through nature, it's beautiful, especially in the NW 😉
Enjoy your time in Chicago. Take care, my friend.


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