Thursday, June 1, 2023

Memorial Day - Hurricane Season Started

 Shalimar, FL (Hi  85  Lo 70)

This week started with Memorial Day. Our village had a BBQ and we had tons of food of all variety.  The total of people that came was 33 which is excellent. Everyone was pleased on how many came this year. 

Thursday was the next big day with lots going on. I had a newcomers meeting at 9:30. I was glad they had pastries and fruit and of course coffee. The new residents that have moved in the past few months with the staff and residents council with each village was introduced. We learned a bit more on what they plan on doing and what each persons job was so we can go to them for help or questions. It was a very nice meeting. 
                                            Bobbie Jo is the village coordinator
                                             Brook is the CEO of the villages. 
Right after that meeting I went to the activities meeting to hear about this months activities. Again, I filled up the calendar. There's so many things going on even in the summer. A lot of the residents will be gone for part of the summer, but still leaves several of us and new people coming in all the time. 

I went home for something to eat then right back to the commons for indoor shuffle board. This week there were 7 of us playing. We had a great time and it got the gals out doing something. I hope it continues thru the summer. We played a couple games and enjoyed the fun of knocking each other off the board. 

After that I had just enough time to start the blog and get ready to pack for the trip tomorrow. I couldn't get the boarding pass to work for my flight in the morning, so I'll have to go to the counter in the morning to get it. I'll leave in plenty of time to do that in the morning. 

Today starts hurricane season and we have a tropical storm in the gulf. We'll see how that pans out this week, but I'll be up north. I'll have things shut down and all the flying objects outside taken into the apartment. Good timing. 

The evening was ended with a big party for the WII bowlers.  There were several people with perfect games. I have some work to do for the next season of playing. The meal was excellent! We had pizza, 2 pieces of chicken, potato salad and pork n beans. I love this place. There were very few that didn't come so it was a great turnout. 

I played cards then sat outside till dark. The mosquitos are starting to come out so we'll be heading in earlier then normal.  

Tomorrow I leave on a jet plane for O'Fallon to be with son and my sister. On Sunday. I'm going to see a NASCAR race with Frank, older son. We'll celebrate my birthday then I'll go to my sister's on Monday. We're hoping to make it a yearly event to see the race with each other until I can't travel anymore. 

I'll post next week and tell you all about the trip. 

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Phyllis said...

Happy birthday and enjoy your trip.

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