Saturday, May 27, 2023

Classes - Glass Door - Insurance - Seafood

 Shalimar, FL (Hi 82  Lo 66)

The heart class at the beginning of this week was good for just general info, like what the stats are for BP, cholesterol and all the other best numbers to have to not cause problems. I was hoping for what to watch for in heart attacks, men are different from women. They may do a class for strokes and what to watch for and what to do. I love the classes here, there's usually something that is "ah ha" moment. 

I worked on the chimes music for a couple hours. I met with one of the women to get more copies. The leader says we have 75 pieces of music. I put it all in alphabetical order to find them quicker. 

I'm getting into a weekly routine, but if I don't feel like going at some point there's no judgement on why. People come and go with different things to do whenever they feel like it. 

The glass patio door that's really foggy was measured and now I wait for the new door. At least they finally got that done. 

 The big thing I did was change my auto insurance. Another project that I've been thinking about and with a lot of searching I found Geico to be cheaper then USAA by $600 a year. I started the application online but got lost and gave up last week. I got a call from Geico and asked if I needed help. She walked me through what I had and how much cheaper it would be so I signed up. It was easy with her help. The ONLY thing I'm not fond of and not sure what I'm going to do about it, is to keep a lower amount is to have an ongoing mobile drive easy app on for tracing where I am and what speeds I'm going etc. It's a little over the top without knowing who is really watching. I only drive the car once a month or even less and that's to get groceries. I don't like it running in the background and it checks driving when you're a passenger.  My insurance is now in effect and when I called the old insurance I got a refund. Nice!

A family of one of the gals are here and they did some work on my little patio area. I now have an area to put in gnomes or whatever I decide without having dirt. It looks great. I'll work on it more after vacation next week. If any readers have an idea besides plants/flowers let me know. (Click on photos to enlarge).

                                                I put up the little gnomes in the tree.
 The boys from the base came out to help with things we need done. We had our village lounge area re-arranged. It looks great and the broken table has been removed. 

I went out to eat at a great seafood restaurant with a bus load of people. I drove separately and met up with a couple neighbors. I don't like oysters, but my neighbor got this big tray
It's been since early March that I've had fresh seafood. I had a cup of crab soup, then six wonderful big shrimp and a plate full of veggies and stuffed crab flounder. I ate almost everything but the fish which now I have for the next meal. The place is Rick's Crab Trap on Eglin Parkway. Try it if you're in the area. 
This is the group. I'm second table on left facing the camera
     I'm still crocheting and this is what the latest orders I've done. A black cat and bluejay. 

This turned out really cute, the doughboy
I sit out in the gazebo almost daily with a few gals. We have squirrels everywhere and this one seems to know we love for him to stand up. They get really close to us. It's quite entertaining around there. They play, jump on limbs and chase each other, which makes it comical. 
I ended the week at happy hour for four hours sitting with several gals. It's so much fun around here. Stay tuned for next week's blog, I'm going on trip number two for the summer. 

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Phyllis said...

Oh, those oysters look soooooo good. I would have gladly eaten them.

Again, glad you found the perfect place.

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