Saturday, March 25, 2023

Hand Chimes - Back Door View - Ft. Walton Bch

 Shalimar, FL  (Hi 75 Lo 67)  Severe Tornadoes in Mississippi  3/24

We had a cold blast down to 28 but warmed up in a couple days. I'm keeping my coat that's for sure. 
Sunday: I have played Hand bells years ago and I heard about the Hand chimes so wanted to try it so at 1:00 I joined 8 other gals. I forgot to take a picture of us all I was trying to keep the music in order and how to ring the chimes. I played with an app on the phone for notes (on piano) and remembered the notes pretty well, then worked on the timing. I didn't do as bad as I thought I would.

This is a single hand chime

This is a whole set
I was supposed to play Yahtzee with a few gals after practice, but the practice went longer than I thought it would. I sat in for a few minutes till they were done, then I went to the next door neighbor to plan out this weeks activities. There's a few things you have to sign up for at the beginning of the month but now we have to remember what we signed up for the week and checking calendars. 

Monday: I worked on some updates with addresses for companies and cancelled a couple things I'll no longer use here in Florida. I went to meditation group which was great then on to balance class. I can tell a difference in just three times going that I'm doing better with the balance.  After that was over a bunch of the gals sat outside just visiting. In the evenings I'm doing what I've done since 2007, on chat. Some things will never change. 

Tuesday:  I got a few little things done around the apartment. I'm still trying to figure out what I want on the walls and thinking I'll wait for the love seat to get here and the dresser and bed stand before doing anything else. The rest of the afternoon I worked on the chime music getting in mind when I play the notes. It was a laid back afternoon which I need to do every once in awhile. 

There's a walkway and neighbors can do anything they want outside their door. This is down the walkway from my apartment. 
The full length of my area in Village one. There's four of these and they all look alike except what people have put outside their doors. 

This is outside my door and the neighbors area. 
Wednesday: Today was basically low key.  I went to crafts at noon and started making a wreath with large pine cones for the outside door. Later  I went to a  thrift store shopping with neighbor and picked up another puzzle, a backing for the wreath and a door hanger to put it on. That was a good shopping spree for a total of $5. 
I went to watch the gals play 31 a card game they play daily. I'll  probably join them since they start at 5:30 and done by 7. I can still play and get on chat at 7:30. 

Thursday: I had a call with the financial advisor today, something else Jim did every year. I'm totally lost but I was able to pick up a bit this time since it was explained on my level. The biggest thing, hang on we're going for a ride. Keep things as they are and don't panic. We were told that in 2008 and it all pulled thru so I'll do it again. I've been advised not to go and spend a lot, but be comfortable. I wasn't expecting to spend a lot anyway so all is good. There was NOTHING going on today. It was 75 today so I sat out a lot and watched the birds and hear them sing. I did some house cleaning and actually crocheting. I'll have down time, which is good. 

Friday:  Today was very productive. I got in the car second time in three weeks and went to the DMV to get my license address changed. I had to take a couple papers with the new address, so the electric and WIFI bills came in handy. I was only there 20 minutes. They have a great setup to get you out without hours of waiting and I didn't have an appointment. I came home and sat outside listening to the birds. Later in the afternoon my neighbor wanted to show me the Ft. Walton beach. I couldn't find it again without GPS, but it's a nice area and she showed me some of the locations of restaurants I like. Later, I got home for some dinner and then the Friday chat and watched storm chasers the rest of the night with major tornadoes hitting Mississippi. I hate storms at night and feel so bad for those people. Storms are getting stronger and more south then they used to travel. 
The beach today with a red flag meaning the rip tide was bad. The seagrass hasn't reached  this area yet still south. (Click on photo to enlarge).  

Saturday: I got up in time to go over to WII bowling this morning. There were major tornadoes in Mississippi last night and I was watching the storm chasers deal with them. One chaser was hurt and taken to the hospital, he's fine I heard later. It devastated Rolling Fork, MS and so were a couple other towns. The storms are getting bigger and worse every year. I caught up on Youtube videos and at 4:00 I went for happy hour. I love being a group of people. There were a lot of us and we had a great time eating and laughing. That's a Saturday evening event every week. 

Extra:  My apartment in Illinois is rented out. It's also $55 higher in rent. I'm so glad I moved. 

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Phyllis said...

What an active life you have found. Good for you. Enjoy every minute

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