Saturday, January 22, 2022

RV Travels - Valentines - Cold - Insurance

 Shiloh, IL  (Hi 38  Lo 15)   Lo this week 7 degrees

I check back to our maps quite frequently, but I found one of all our travels. I spent a day going back to the blogs to the places we stayed especially out west. I'm not sure what happened to the northern route from Washington state back to Florida, maybe I didn't have the location turned on the phone.  We did go to all the lower 48 states and we always stayed at least two nights in each state. If we really liked a place we extended a few nights. What a life on the road full time in our fifth wheel. I miss those days but it sure wouldn't be the same now. 

Tuesday I had my massage and chiropractor appointment. My neck gets real tight from arthritis and I'm so glad between the two people they can work it out so I can move it and keeping my back from hurting is a plus. 

I'm still crocheting and I made a couple hearts for daughter in law. She has a cute decoration tray on a table she changes with seasons. These didn't take very long and they're just the right size. The white one is actually pink, but the camera shows it white. 
I seldom open the door. It's been really cold and I have enough food for the whole month so no need to leave. I'm staying busy and hopefully it won't stay cold for long. It's been as low seven degrees with wind chill of  zero for a couple days. 

I'm still working with the guitar and found if I sit lower it doesn't hurt the right shoulder and by end of this week I can finally get the D chord to sound without thud. I'll keep working on it there's no deadline  to learn it. 

One more problem done for six months. I had to get the car and renters insurance updated. I knew it would take awhile so I started early in the morning.  I had to get everything switched to my name only. Working with companies is no longer an easy experience but in a couple hours it was all taken care of and now I have cheaper insurance and good for another six months. 

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Unknown said...

Thinking of you Dee....hang in there! You seem to have done so well since Jim's passing, he would be so proud of you.

Dave Tomlinson

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