Friday, January 7, 2022

Guitar Bought - Snow - Crocheting

 Shiloh, IL (Hi 22   Lo 9)   Snow, cold, winter is now here

I'm starting out the new year with thanks to everyone that reads the blog. I'll write this year when I do something of interest. Covid is still around and I don't get out unless there's a good reason.  I go to the military base once a month for groceries and massage once a month, otherwise I stay in the apartment. 

I was looking for an apartment back in Florida this week but doors are closing every time I think I may have something. It's looking like I'll be staying in Illinois and I'll work with that. All that's against being here is the cold. I can stay in the apartment to stay warm. I'll go to the community center when covid is over and do things with other people. I'm hoping to find someone that plays hand and foot and not just couples. That's the plan. I'll go places in the summer and when I do I'll post where and what I do. 

Tuesday I went with Frank to buy a guitar. He plays and know about guitars. I didn't want to pay a big price in case I can't learn it. I have a bit of arthritis in the wrist and not sure if I can handle it. But I really do want to learn it. I have the 60's music on Sirius quite often and I can play with music if I can learn it. So far it's not easy. I know I have to get the fingers toughened up to learn it. I'm having trouble with the pressure on the strings, like anyone else starting out. I'm not giving up, at least not for awhile.  Click on the photos to enlarge. 

We had our first snow on Thursday. It was only an inch but it's cold and it's now winter. I know I'll not get out while it's single digits. No reason. I don't even get the mail, which is only junk mail and I don't need it. It's supposed to warm up this week to 40, if it does I'll see if anything comes in that needs attention.  There's three fountains in our two big ponds. There's ice around them which is pretty. I'm surprised they're running. 

That's ice around the outside of the fountain and in the middle. It's neat to watch it grow. 
The other two things I'm doing to pass time is a puzzle  and crocheting. I still have an order to complete so it's keeping me going. I'll start working on the craft fair in October and picking out some of the best sellers. At least it gives me something to do since I don't get out. I love this roadrunner. It's a lot bigger then my normal little critters.  Here's my website if anyone wants to order. Just email me. 

I'll write again when something comes up of interest or I need to look back to get info. 


Jim and Sandie said...

It is hard to blog when you really aren't doing much. We are staying home and going only to doctor appts. How exciting is that. Keep working on that guitar. I wish Jim would play his more often. Your road runner is sooo cute. Stay warm.

Phyllis said...

What a Roadrunner! My favorite of those you've shown.

owensontheroad said...

Good for you learning how to play guitar! I played in high school. It takes awhile to build up callouses on the fingers, that was the hardest! I hear you about blogging. I lost interest in blogging because it's the same old story. Then we went to Mexico so I had something to say :) Going again in 2 weeks, yay!

Nancy and Bill said...

Rock On Dee!!!
Anything to do with music is good for the the 50s-60s music!!
Love your attitude!!!!