Friday, November 19, 2021

Marketplace Rules - Visiting - Crocheting

 Shiloh, IL  (Hi 45  Lo  35)

I had just a couple more items that I've been trying to get rid of from Jim's care. I had adult "pads" and the toilet chair. I put them both on Marketplace and because I used the word "diapers" they pulled the ad. It was up just long enough that 65 people saw it and a lady came and got both items. Everything is gone now that belonged to Jim. I'm still having trouble with funds, but that will work out at some point, Both kids are telling me to have patience. Not something I can do easily, maybe that's my whole purpose in life, learn patience. 

Monday night I went to Frank's and Angie's for dinner. Frank is a wonderful cook and made pork in a pot with chicken soup and package of Ranch Dressing along with a baked potato. Oh was it good. 

Wednesday a friend from Washington state came to see her parents so Frank and I went over to visit with her. She was a school mate of Frank's and we visited her while in Seattle Washington in 2014. We caught up with her life (including getting married a couple years ago) and had a great visit. It's always good catching up with friends. 

This has been a very quiet week. It's up and down temps this week, from 40's to 70's back to 30s. That's the Midwest.  I did a lot of crocheting and making Christmas gifts. I can't say what, they read the blog. I'll show you all the items after Christmas.  I can show you one item a cheetah. Each spot on him/her was fun. I think it turned out so cute. (Click the photo to enlarge).

Last weekend I took care of our son's dog, Banjo. He's so cute, he'd play a bit then go to the top of the steps to wait for Frank or Angie, then back to me. He did that for a couple hours. 
Frank, Kyle and I went to the movie Thursday night to see Ghostbusters afterlife. It was a slow start but a really good movie. It's got great graphics. 

Next week is Thanksgiving. I'm going to do some traveling. It's going to be really hard without Jim, but I have to move on and if I want to do something I need to "pull the band aid" and go for it. (The term is on the widows group when you do something big out of your comfort level. 


Mark from Missouri said...

"Both kids are telling me to have patience. Not something I can do easily, maybe that's my whole purpose in life, learn patience."

Good luck with that, I'm the same way and now don't believe it is possible to change. Sometimes ya got to get stuff done just to get it off your mind. Well at least that's the way it works for me and a few others I know who are over achievers. Looking through your spreadsheet of travels you sent me years ago, I can tell you are not one to skip the details...

My uncle was the same way which turned out not to be a very healthy way to live. I think about that all the time now that I am the same age as him when he retired. I think it comes from having to depend on one's self so much early in life or maybe not allowing ourselves to be anything less than perfect because we are conformers and don't want to be the one that can not be depended upon.

I went to my preacher one day years ago, complaining others are making me ill. They lack purpose, don't do what they say they are going to do and basically live off the back of the strong. He said stop bitching.. It's a gift from God that we are able to organize our lives and others can depend upon us. Then he said - the only other option is to be like them.. Do you really want to be like them???

Long comment, just wanting to add a little conversation.


Phyllis said...

Sorry but I had to chuckle. Didn't know diapers was a bad word.

Have a pleasant visit with family over Thanksgiving.