Monday, November 29, 2021

ChristKrindl Marketplace - Chicago Symphony - Closing out the Week

 Aurora, IL  (Hi 33  Lo 21)  and Shiloh, IL (Hi 50  Lo 46)

If you haven't read the blog for 11/26/21 please do, this blog will make more sense. 

Saturday we went downtown Chicago to the Kris Kindle Market in Chicago, IL German crafts. They closed off streets and thousands of people came to see booths of food and crafts from Germany. It was totally amazing. There were wooden figures, woven gloves, scarfs, and the highlight was glass blown ornaments. See details at  Christ Kindl Market

Click on the pictures to enlarge. 

Building with all glass ornaments. 

If fully vaccinated no masks were required. We got there in good time the line was only half the block when we left it was wrapped around the building almost two blocks. The food was so good. It was cold but we were well dressed. We spent a couple hours there.  

We went back to Rick's place by then it was time for dinner. I made chicken and dumplings which I had planned on doing before we left. That's going to be a new tradition for Thanksgiving weekend. 

On Sunday we went back downtown for a great lunch at  Ace hotel which is across the street from Google in West End. 
The brunch was a meal of choice which was pancakes, eggs and hashbrowns, and a couple other choices and then a tower of finger foods. I've never seen anything like it. You can eat all you want and they'll keep bringing as much as you'll eat. Filled donuts, and other pastries, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, all kinds of bread pieces, avocado, oranges, salmon, hard boiled eggs, etc. We ate till it was almost time for the big event. 

The entryway. 
The movie Home Alone is playing at the Chicago Orchestra Symphony Hall and the orchestra was playing the music for it. I've never seen anything like it. Masks were required and so was a Covid test from at least 8 hours before arriving. Yes, I had the test, it was by mouth not nose. I'm fine and we all went in with no problems. It was fabulous!  You could watch the orchestra and watch the music and it was always in sync. Jim would have loved it too. We do so much that he would like, we all mentioned him from time to time all week. 

On the way home we saw Christmas lights but a moving car and night lights just didn't come out well to know what they were so I dropped the idea of trying to post them.  

The music hall right side. 
The music hall left side

Jack and Rick
Here's a few more pictures of downtown. So many more new buildings before dark. 

I made shark slippers for one of the boys and I was anxious to see if they fit. They did, and here's the proof. 

We went back to Rick's and finished the R2D2 we've been working on all week.
Click on the blue area. 

I also got to play with the Formula 1, racing set that Rick has. It's so fun, you can feel the shakes of the track in the racing wheel. 

Our son has all the techy stuff. That will give me something to talk about in the next blog. 

I made it home about 3:00 on Monday. The traffic wasn't bad, and for those that know how turned around I can get, I'm so proud of myself to get to Rick's and back home with no wrong turns. I'll go up more often now that I know I can do it. It was a great day and when I got home, I went thru the mail and on zoom for widows, I settled down for the night. Thank you Rick and Tammy for having me for the week. It was amazing, and hopefully I'll be back next year. 

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