Saturday, May 1, 2021

Graduation - Man Overboard - Launch - Volunteer Appreciation - Iceland Volcano

 Auburndale, FL (Hi 88  Lo 70)

I have a lot to report so I'll get right to it.  On the 25th our grandson graduated from Illinois State University. We're going up for the graduation party later this month, but we couldn't go to the graduation due to COVID restrictions. It was great getting a lot of pictures from our son and wife.  Congrats KYLE WALTER!  A job well done. He majored in Marketing and Business. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

                                            Dad Frank, Kyle, Mom Angie
Sunday we were watching TV and I heard some loud voices in the canal. A guy was in the water hanging on to his boat with another young guy trying to move the boat to the side so he could get out of the water. Jim checked on him and he got his foot tangled in the boat someway and overboard he went. That's the first time we've seen that happen. The water was over his head and he was tall, so we were surprised to know it was that deep. He sat on the bank for quite awhile before going back in the lake and went home. We felt so bad for him. I forgot to take pictures. 

Thursday night was another launch about midnight. Since we stay up that late we thought we'd check it out since the sky was really clear and we're glad we did. It was super!  

                                               I took a video to the first stage separating, then it continued for another                                                 few minutes. I was getting bit by mosquitoes so stopped the video. 

Friday, Hospice had a volunteer appreciation day for everyone working in Auburndale or Lakeland. We had 40 people come and we got to see each other for the first time in over a year because of Covid shutting things down. I work in another section and not with patients so I've been working all along. It won't be long everyone will be able to help out with visiting and sitting with patients. We had a great BBQ meal and prizes were given out. It was a great time in a nearby park. 

                                            The lady in blue top was awarded a certificate and flowers for 25 years of                                                 service. 
                                            I don't remember names, but these are the volunteer coordinators from                                                     Lakeland and  Auburndale. 
                                            Our BBQ meal with beans, coleslaw and banana pudding. 

                                            Everyone in attendance. 

Since March, 19 I've been watching a volcano in Iceland. It's become famous with several video cameras setup around the area. One of the volcanos (at the beginning there were five) ate a camera so they set one up further away. It's quite a procedure to get them mounted. It's like watching a live lava lamp.  Volcano     2nd view    Here's a sunset pic with the lava. 

                                            Northern lights with the volcano, outstanding photos. 

                                            The white lights are people walking to the volcano, thousands daily. 
  If you google Iceland volcano you can see videos, news and lots of other info. I'm addicted. 

An update on the LEGO shuttle. Last week I had started bag 10. Now I'm on bag 15.

AND I have the one order ready for a gal. I still have six Nativities to make.
We went out today to Brandon, FL for lunch with Lessie and Ed to Mr and Mrs Crab. It was delicious and we had a great visit. The traffic was horrible. This is the time of year it should get better, but it isn't.
                                            Sausage in some hot sauce, Louisiana style
                                            Food everywhere (Lessie and I had Dungeness Crabs)
Decorations on the wall, with a lobster. 


Phyllis said...

Remember if traveling I-65 through north Alabama on way to Illinois we have a guest room. Would love to see you and Jim again.

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Nice to be recognized for your Volunteer Work.
The Lego Shuttle is taking shape.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.