Saturday, May 15, 2021

Baseball - Retirement Home - Vets Breakfast - Zoom

 Auburndale, FL (Hi 84   Lo 62)

 It was a busy week just doing every month's activities. The housekeeper, massage and chiropractor. 

On Wednesday Jim went to the local baseball field to see his first baseball game in a year and half. Lakeland has a ball field minor league and the game was between Lakeland Flying Tigers and Tampa Tarpons. He came home before the game was over and Tampa won big. He's grateful to get back into going to the games. (Click on photos to enlarge). 

We're doing some exploring for retirement homes with advanced medical care. We got a card in the mail about a place in Lakeland that we didn't know existed. We went to check them out, The Estates at Carpenters, for a tour. We were there for a couple hours. They're a very good place with either rentals or buy rooms which the up front money goes toward the nursing or even Alzheimer sections right in the same area. It's huge and it's something to think about. It's near all our favorite restaurants and shopping area. They have a vehicle to take you to doctors and groceries. They have breakfast and either lunch or dinner and housekeeper once a week. It's something to consider but not right now, we're still searching options. One option is to stay where we are and have a caretaker stay with us, if needed. We're trying to free the kids of having to take care of us. 

Jim has vets breakfast once a month to meet with the military vets from the community. He has to get up early to be at the restaurant half hour away at 8am.   He catches up on the park doings and has a great breakfast. 

We're having fun with our weekly Friday night zoom chats. It's great to keep up with friends from Michigan, North Carolina, and South Carolina. 
                                            Jerry, Dee, Jim, Gary, Selene, Jeff, Hank and Cyndi, and Gary's Work station
I crocheted a couple Manatees this week for an order. 


Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Glad to see you are keeping busy while looking to the future.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Mark from Missouri said...

Hope you can stay in your place as long as you want. My mom had been divorced from dad for years. She moved into a smaller home near us and lived independent as long as possible. I had two yards to mow and two driveways to shovel but it was worth it. Plus sisters could check on her. She was a phone call away and a five minute drive so was never an issue.

Dad remarried and his wife was younger and took care of him. Both my parents had longer illnesses. Dad was heart issue, mom cancer. But they both were in their homes until the final trip to the hospital. Glad they stayed. Glad I had a chance to honor my parents by helping when I could. Those last years were special for sure. But everyone is in different situations. It worked out for my family. Dad was worried about mom towards the end. Last time I was able to talk to him he wanted to tell me she would be thinking of us kids in the end. He said he knew how she was thinking because he was thinking the same way. All us kids are doing fine.

On to something lighter. Nice to see baseball coming back - YAY. Guy told me the Royals might have a good year but I've not checked up on them. St. Louis seems to always do well.

We will be in St. Augustine for two or three months this next winter. Might take a trip without the RV towards you guys and will let ya know.

Mark from Missouri