Saturday, March 6, 2021

Bits and Pieces of Info - Puzzles - Where are Friends

 Auburndale, FL  (Hi 70  Lo  54)

I haven't mentioned the website of the "Critters" I make in awhile. I do orders and not make things ahead of time. I don't have the space to keep them and not knowing what will sell I'd rather just hear what people want and do it to order. If you want a dog we'll work out details by getting a picture so I have colors. Everyone has a favorite animal. I do the amigurumi items so they're seldom over five inches tall. 

The website click here. The prices are on the right side after clicking on the picture. (If the prices aren't there let me know). 

Another piece of info we have a chatroom that anyone can join. It's mainly for the "seniors", but we have a good time chatting about what's going on with our lives. The chatroom was started June 2007 and some of us are still together every evening from 8:30 eastern till we get tired or 11:30 whichever comes first. 

Click here for chatroom. 

This week went as usual. Monday and Friday was spent at Hospice with Friday evening on zoom with North Carolina friends. 

Tuesday was my massage and chiropractor appointment. I'm trying to keep my neck moving from arthritis. 

Wednesday Ed and Lessie came over to finish up a puzzle and have lunch at Big Tom's in Winter Haven. I think this is beyond a mouthful. Jim says it's a wonderful half pound burger. (Click on the photos to enlarge). 

While there we stopped in at Lighthouse Ministries thrift store and picked up more puzzles. I have enough for awhile. This is the one we finished in 6 hours. It was harder then we expected with 750 pieces. 

Puzzles I picked up for the future. The bottom left is reunion of penguins. That's going to be a challenge. 
I've had some time to just think lately which probably isn't a good thing. Have you ever wondered where the people  you've met in your life are located and how they're doing? Those you went to school with,  or worked with, and in our case on the road while full time RV'ers? I'm thankful for Facebook or MeWe to keep up with people when they post, but what about all the others. It would be interesting to hear what's happened in their lives and how they are doing health wise. Maybe that's what brought it on. AGE. lol 

This week will be filled with fun and pictures. My sister and I are going to do sister time and taking off from the hubbies. What are we going to get into, stay tuned. 


Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Glad you are still keeping Safe and Busy.
Enjoy your crocheting.

It's about time.

Phyllis said...

Most of the folks that started fulltiming about the same time as us have settled down.... either apartment living or buying a house. Jessica and Harry, Laurie and George, etc. Sadly some have passed...... Judy the bird expert, Donna and Sam from Mo., etc.

I recently got a new address book. In entering info from my old one, I am shocked at the number of people that will not have their information transferred due to their passing.

But I am grateful to have known each and every one of them.

Unknown said...

This is Dave Tomlinson, I used to work with Jim. I retired about four years ago and have enjoyed following along with your blog. We need to catch up one of these days somewhere along I-4