Sunday, February 21, 2021

Valentines Dinner - Cruise Cancelled - Flea Market - Mars

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 65   Lo 48)

 We decided at the last minute to go out for dinner for Valentines on Sunday. We had an Olive Garden gift card that we received last year. There were a lot of people when we got there but we went online to get on the list and didn't have to wait more then five minutes. That's a new thing which worked really well. It was great getting out and no cooking for the night. 

The first thing we did Monday was cancel our Rome cruise in November. We know we may be early, but there's all kinds of cancellations up to June for cruising and it's getting time to put down a payment for flights. It's too risky in not getting our down payment back if we wait. We KNOW there's no cruising for fall and we're not feeling comfortable with all that's happening. 

Lessie and Ed came over on Tuesday to work on puzzles. We also went puzzle shopping at the flea market and Goodwill on Thursday. At the flea market they give camel rides and there's wolves to see. It wasn't real crowded but a lot of people were roaming around. We did find a couple puzzles there. Pictures of the camel ride and veggie area. (Click on the pictures to enlarge). 

Both puzzles we've finished this week. They're called life, they look like they're coming off the frame. It's so neat. 

History was made again with Perseverance landing on Mars. This is the fifth time they've landed on Mars with  a land rover. It's funny we can get pictures from Mars but we can't get zoom from going out and stop or TV or WIFI to have continuous feed. Let's get priorities in order. 

I made a couple items for crochet orders this week, a rooster and hen. 

I haven't posted pictures from the dock lately. I've been walking down in the afternoons and it's so pretty. 

I'm staying busy and off the streets. See you next week. 


Mark from Missouri said...

To bad you had to cancel the Rome cruise. Better safe than sorry. Karen and I have been planning our RV trips based off whatever is the best virus information at the time. Months ago we decided we just had to go with the flow and make changes as soon as the decision had to be made.

It seems harder this year to book good camping spots just a month or less out which is what we like to do other than big destination places which we schedule months out. Kind of makes the travel harder. Seems like most state parks are booked by others well in advance of when we finally decide to investigate a spot. Can't wait to get back to less populated areas where we are not competing with so many big city locals for spots.

We are planning a route from St. Augustine to Charleston then taking I-26 to Asheland through what I hope is the easy part of the mountain driving. Then on to Nashville where we would leave the RV in storage for three weeks while driving back to Kansas City. Then move the rig towards Michigan. This would be our first time in mountain areas, other than the Ozarks, with the big rig. Also first time putting the RV in storage temporary. Figure we will find a campground that has storage attached.

I'm heading over to your spreadsheet of places you stayed which you shared with me a few years ago. I purchased a Mountain Directory and got some advice from those in the area.

Any advice is welcome.

Take care.

Mark from Missouri

Caddie said...

Re: crochet with patterns? However I love them. New to your blog. Prices/pictures of your different 'very cute' animals?

Tumbleweed Dee said...

Caddie: The website with "critters". Click on the picture the price should be on the right side. I make orders.