Saturday, March 21, 2020

Life has Changed for the Whole World

Auburndale, FL (Hi 86  Lo 65)

We're at a standstill in Florida.  We're watching the Coronavirus updates for the state and world. I'm not putting any stats in the blog, it keeps going up hourly.

I worked at hospice on Monday, but had a feeling it would be my last day for awhile. It's not mandatory for me to be there and I'm high risk so I'm not going. The bereavement camp was cancelled.  Tuesday I had already scheduled a massage and chiropractor appointment and I kept them. I also got a badly needed haircut and it's short. It will be long again by the time this is all over.

Traffic is light. We can get anywhere in half the time. It's not because the snowbirds are leaving but all the restaurants are closed, so are the bars but will do takeouts. The grocery stores are filling orders and bringing it to the car for pick up. All schools are closed and colleges. It's bad timing, the seniors may not get to celebrate with a graduation ceremony.

The people in our park are doing more running up and down the streets in their golfcarts. Ours was taken to the shop, it's not holding charge. It's most likely the batteries.

Thursday I did play cards with a couple other gals. It's a weekly ritual. All the events are cancelled at the clubhouse even the pool is closed. It's serious business, especially if being over 60 years old.

I have been crocheting. Here's a few of my "critters".

I did get all my t-shirts sorted by color and state. I have 78 shirts and a lot are from each state we traveled thru while in the RV fulltime. I put the ones I don't wear much in a big tub and the rest are still in the closet. I just feel more comfortable in them. The ones I got rid of will be made into a quilt. I already have one quilt made with several of them.

I have plenty to keep me busy, at least for awhile.


Phyllis said...

Good to have your hobbies to keep you busy. We will get through this.

owensontheroad said...

It does get boring doing the same old thing. Walks with Cooper, TV, computer, reading, etc. Doing a lot of baking which is cool since we're in the house now. More room!

Mark from Missouri said...

You guys stay safe. Glad you are not going anywhere you don't need to for the next few weeks or more. Photos of kids on beach during spring break are circulating all over which is a terrible thing to see. Lots of interesting challenges for those of us fulltiming right now. All is well however; just rolling with the changes.