Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Visiting St. Louis Area

O'Fallon, IL (Hi 90  Lo  69)   The humidity is like Florida

Frank fixed us a pancake breakfast and we got the day started with going to the Gateway Classic Car dealer in O'Fallon. We were there several years ago and they sell and change cars quite frequently. We love this place and if you're looking for older cars, this is the place to go, good prices.   (Click on photo to enlarge).

Jim's favorite car

Frank's favorite car

Dee's favorite car

Facts on the side of the door. Check out the flowers and top hat in the back.

Crank start, but the owner did put in an electric start button. This would be a tinker toy car. At $22,000 it would be so fun to own. I love working on cars, finding the parts would be a problem.
I loved the paint job on this one, but not the car for me at all.

We went to downtown St. Louis to  Cardinal nation and had lunch in the stadium ball park village. Then on to the Arch. It's been updated. We lived here 25 years ago and I worked down by the Arch. It's so different we couldn't figure out a way to get to the parking lot. The river is still to high to drive very far down by the river.

It was hot but quite enjoyable seeing all the sights we used to see when we lived here.

Our own notes:
Hurricane Dorian is going more east. It won't bother us in Florida.

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