Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Kimmswick in Missouri Quaint Little Town

O'Fallon, IL (Hi  82  Lo  67)  Less humidity great day

After breakfast and some visiting time we went to Kimmswick, MO (click on link for more info) for lunch and walk around town. We both have some tired feet and legs from yesterday's walk to the Arch, but this was just a stroll from building to building.

We found an interesting restaurant that has all kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches and salads. It was wonderful. The ordering was in front of a bus.

 There's lots of shopping of things you don't normally see, for instance a necklace with beads that were in Morse Code. I forgot to take a picture.
Wine bottles wearing metal clothes

or bottle holders made with metal.

There's a couple old buildings from the 1800's

This one has support.

Frank knew of a restaurant that has good desserts so we had to stop by.

There's also a Christmas store and a Spice store that was full of all kinds of spices and soups. Out of all the stores with all the things that can be bought, we both bought something to do with food. There's lots of ideas for gifts, like any tourist places.

We came back home and propped up our feet. TV for the rest of the evening.

 Please follow tomorrow we're going our separate ways for some more fun.

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