Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Midwest Travel Day 15 - Construction

Charlotte, NC  (Hi 98    Lo  82)  Hot and humid.

Travel day, we left at 9:38 and just took our time. There was a lot of truck traffic today. It seems Tuesday is delivery day for truckers, it was busy last week too. There's also a lot of construction looks like making new extra lanes being built and lots of stopping of traffic, luckily on the west bound side. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).
They were sitting still for 18 miles.

It was great seeing the mountains again and there's a few trees that are yellow or red. It's beautiful.

A higher peak above where we were, they're always a blue thru the Smokies.

I forgot about the tunnels.

It seems they always have a curve in them.

We're on the Western edge of Charlotte. We're back in the Holiday Inn Express and the lady at the front desk told us about J.R. Cash bar and grill restaurant. We decided to check it out. They're on the river front, but we couldn't get a seat next to the river without being outside and it's way to hot to be in that spot. It's a really nice restaurant and the food was delicious. We both got appetizers for dinner and that works great.
I had chicken nachos

Jim had big salad with ham, plus crab soup bowl.

The best part, I was checking drinks and saw this one listed. I had to have it since it was made with pomegranate. It's got a ring of sugar on the top.

OH boy, that put me out when we got back to the hotel. I slept about half hour. It's sure good!

Tomorrow we head for more fun.

Our notes:
Left at 9:38
Miles 342
Arrived 4:45

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