Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Midwest Travel Day 16 - Billy Graham - Friends

Cary, NC (Hi 94  Lo  82)

We didn't hurry this morning, so had the breakfast at the hotel and then packed up to head to the Billy Graham Library about 14 miles from the hotel. They didn't open till 9.30. When we got there, it was packed with people and kids. We found out it's home school day at the library and all the kids from the surrounding area were there.

We were escorted into the rooms and didn't go thru the long lines. There were a few more people they took in front of school kids. It's laid out with different rooms and every room has a part of Billy Grahams preaching or life events. He was brought up on a farm so a cow gave the beginnings of his life. It was realistic, with moving it's mouth, head and ears. The kids loved it. (Click on the photo to enlarge).

Here's the photos of each area.

There were scriptures hanging from the ceilings.

Billy was on as many TV stations as possible to get the word of Christ out to every nation of the world.

The bookstore.

He's also buried on the grounds.

Billy and wife Ruth.

His house was moved to the grounds from his childhood days. These are pictures of the dining room, sitting room and  kitchen. The refrigerator still works.

We had lunch there then went on to the next destination, Cary, NC. It's a two and half hour drive and we took our time. We went to Cindy and Gary's our long time friends from the years we lived in the area before going fulltime in the RV.  We had dinner with them and also Jerry who met with us for dinner.
Jerry, Gary, Cindy

We're staying the night and we'll head out tomorrow morning for the last destination before going back home. Stay tuned.

Our notes:
Mileage 176
Left at 9:38
Arrive 3:30

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