Saturday, September 28, 2019

Farmers Market - Jim's Birthday - Great Movie - Party

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 92   Lo  71)

Saturday we went to the farmers market which is part of the big flea market in Auburndale. We're eating more veggies and less pasta. I wanted zucchini to take the place of potatoes. The guy said the best deal is 1/2 case thinking there would be 15 or so. I got home and there were 35. I passed a few out to neighbors and cut up and froze the rest.  I also bought a dragon fruit which I've never had but wanted to try something new. The rest was green beans, squash, tomatoes, grapes, plums, onions, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, apples, pears, hot peppers, bananas, mushrooms.  The mushrooms are huge and I made them stuffed, sure was good. Now to eat it all before any of it goes bad.

Sunday was Jim's birthday. We left about 11:30 to see the movie Downton Abbey. It's the best movie we've seen all year and we'll see it again at some point to pick up more details. It's very good and worth seeing. Then we went to Texas Roadhouse for his steak. I get lobster for my birthday and he gets steak.

Tuesday two of the gals, Joyce and Cindy,  from the community had birthdays in September so we celebrated with some chocolate wine. It was a great time of laughing and catching up on everyone's vacation. We'll do it again next year.

Wednesday was back to normal with the morning meeting and playing hand and foot with the gals.
Thursday I went to hospice for training on another project. It's a little more complicated then what I've been doing with the computer work. It's challenging, but will be fine once I learn it. I love helping them out. People come and go and they need a lot of help from volunteers. There's all kinds of jobs to do.
Friday I was back to hospice and sorting more for the computer work. I also went to a military pinning. They give a patient a pin and a red, blue and white afghan. It is always great to be a part of that ceremony. The family gets a certificate and a couple pins.

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