Saturday, April 20, 2019

Sports - Cathedral Fire - Movie

Auburndale, Fl (Hi 82  Lo 63)

March madness continues with us. We're both loving hockey and basketball and Jim is following baseball. It was a great week with the championships games going on. Tampa Bay lightning (hockey) lost the first four games so that's over. We'll continue watching St. Louis for hockey. In basketball we're watching the Orlando Magic.  We also watched the championship golf game that Tiger Woods won. It's his fifth green jacket and a great comeback to golf.

The big news was the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire in France. I wanted to mention it for history and look back to see the date. I'm sure it will come up on the future. A fire started in the back area from renovations and electrical short. There were 400 firemen on the scene. Our son was there a few years ago and took this picture.

Flames burn the roof of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris on April 15, 2019.
It's so sad for an 800 year old building to be destroyed in a few hours. We hope it will be rebuilt. The artifacts were mostly saved.

We had a normal week of activities. I'm staying busy and loving it. We had a free day on Thursday so we went to the theater for the movie Penguins. It's an Earth day movie from Disney. 
 It's a very good movie and for the whole family. We love the funny things they say. Stay thru the credits, they show how they got the shots, well worth it.

This week's crochet projects.
Kangaroo with baby. The baby can be removed and played with.

Elephant baby slippers, fits up to six months.

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