Friday, March 15, 2019

Yard Sale - Visitors - Crocheting

Auburndale, FL (Hi  81  Lo 63)

Saturday the community had a yard sale. There's usually two a year, one in March and one in November.  People are leaving for the north and selling stuff before going. Several will not be back next year so the houses are also for sale.  Lots going on here this time of year.  I only had a few items to sell but got rid of some of it, the rest will go to the thrift store.

In the late afternoon a schoolmate Melba and her hubby Ed came to visit. They come every year. It's been at least six years that they make the trek from Iowa to Florida for a couple months.  They travel different parts of Florida and stop to see us every year.
Melba and Ed

Sunday was the monthly knockers bingo game. There were several people there so the money pot was nice size. I haven't won in a few months, but still fun to play.

The rest of the week was crocheting. I'm making roses for an order that a gal wants for a wreath. I also made a couple fish, a blue and clown fish for the jars.

The sunset was gorgeous a couple times this week. I never get tired of getting pictures. Jim was watching along with me on the pier.

We finished up a bottle of wine and this fell out, any comments on what it might be? We've never seen anything like it. There's two hard rubber circles and a screw type looking top.

Until next week.


Ruth said...

It kind of looks like something that is used to fill the wine bottles up as they go around the assembly line. Maybe it fell off the machine they use.

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

That does look like some kind of Spigot used for filling things but it should not have been inside your Bottle.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Anonymous said...

I would write or call the wine manufacturer. Send a picture. Maybe you will get a refund or a free case of wine :-)

CS:GO Bets said...

Looks like you guys had a fantastic time there! The sunset pictures are extremely beautiful!