Sunday, January 13, 2019

HOA Installation - Mecum Auctions - Wine Tasting

Auburndale, FL (Hi 77   Lo 54)                         GROUP CHAT OPEN TO EVERYONE

This week was very busy and this blog will be photo intensive. (Click photo's to enlarge).

Tuesday was the Home Owners Association (HOA) installation for new officers. The meal was catered from Cracker Barrel and it was really good. The choice was chicken or beef, mash potatoes, and carrots, with different desserts. Bob and Marty were the incoming members and Sandi and Lee were voted for another two year term.
Joyce is also a member of the HOA, Bob, Sandi, Lee and Marty

We had a great attendance so a quorum was achieved for voting on different issues.

Friday we went to the Mecum Auction. It's the biggest in the nation and it's so much fun. We went last year. Click here to see what we did. 

Last year we went on a Tuesday and they were auctioning off Road art, signs and gas tanks from the past, not very many people were there and not a lot going on. This year it was totally different. Lots of people, a lot of movement with cars going to auction. There was a band of drummers going up and down the main road and even Hulk Hogan was there auctioning off a truck for charity.
We took this picture from a TV commercial.

We sat fairly close to the auctioneers and the sales for a few minutes after we arrived.

We watched this car being auctioned off. The bidding was wild and it had the attention of everyone. It sold for $2,000,000.  What a deal!

My favorite car

The bid went up to $160,000 but didn't hit the reserve so it's still for sale.

This is a really neat set. The colors are beautiful.

Several rows of cars for sale. Some tents held the sold cars to be picked up after the show.

My love is with older cars, like this one.

The best place to eat and it's always crowded.

Sitting outside was also an option to eat.

1950 Plymouth my very first car.

Another boat and truck outfit.

There's also bikes, motorcycles and even a Motor home this year.

Crowds picked up and we went higher in the stadium to watch it all.

Big screens to watch it all.

Kodak truck, it was so cool.

Auctioneer was standing on the desk.

We're only 25 minutes from the place of the auction, it took 2 hours to get back home from so much traffic.

Saturday was the wine tasting in the clubhouse.  I did it last year but changed a few things to make it smoother. It was so much fun. No one got drunk, a lot of food to eat and I hope everyone will come next year. The flu is starting to go around so we had some cancellations. Wine was brought in from the snowbirds and the rest were from Florida. Amazing how many winery's are near us.

Jim, Ed, Lessie, Anna, friends of ours we met while RV'ing for six years.


We visited with our friends at a local restaurant before they left for Tampa. It was so great being with them and be a part of the wine tasting. Thanks everyone for coming.
Anna, Ed, Lessie and Jim

I end this blog with a sunset outside our door. It was a great week.

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