Saturday, January 5, 2019

Welcome to 2019 - Movie - New Years

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It took awhile to get used to no one around when the family left. It didn't take long to take down the decorations and get the house back in shape. I did some major cleaning in the second bedroom closet and changed out the thread area for crocheting. There's now a bookshelf to hold all the thread instead of the cloth shelves. It's a lot better. We also got the utility shed all cleaned out and put a lot of stuff in the trash. (Cardboard boxes were taking over).

On Monday we decided to go to the movie VICE, I wasn't fond of it, in fact I fell asleep. Jim loved it and if you like history of what goes on in the government it's a good one. It's all about Dick Chaney. The best part was at the very end after the credits.
New years eve we did our usual watching TV and the neighbors shooting off fireworks for hours. They finally quit about 12:15. Every hour from 8:00 they'd shoot off a few then quit. It was right outside our living room windows and the sparks are always a concern if they'd land on our roof. We finally settled down after 1am.  Happy New Year 2019.

New year's day was just working around the house and watching the parade. I'm glad to get back to normal the rest of the week. We have a meeting on Wednesday for the community, free coffee and donuts helps get people out and have a good time socializing. The snowbirds are here and a lot of new people in the park.

I'm working on the community directory so getting signups for photos for the end of the month. We're hoping for a good turnout so we can look up who people are when we see them walking or driving around the community.

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