Saturday, December 22, 2018

Three Christmas Parties - Pelicans - Movie

Auburndale, FL (Hi 60   Lo 46

Saturday was the Lake Juliana Landings (LJL) Christmas party with 190 attending this year. Susan K. did a wonderful job in coordinating everything and the food was excellent. We had stuffed chicken, mash potatoes, beans, applesauce and cake for dessert. The HOA (Home Owners Association) board members served the food to each person in 21 minutes. That's called team work.  Here's a few pictures of the evening. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).
Setting up the tables.

LJL choir, they were great.

Almost ready to serve everyone.

Everyone is seated ready for the meal.

Jim took a picture of me serving.

The cakes that were for dessert.

Entertainment was Mr. Gooseberry from the North Pole. Everyone received a ticket when they arrived and he passed out gifts to the winners.

Winter Haven high school orchestra performed.

It was a wonderful evening with our community.

While I was walking around the area, I went to the pier just to watch the birds and take in the sunshine in our wonderful state in the winter. I saw a big flock of double-crested cormorants fly in and land on the lake. I didn't think much about it, just a large group of them. I noticed the white egrets were on the edge of the lake as if watching for something or watching the cormorants. Then I heard a big swoosh sound and several pelicans landed in the middle the cormorants. It was like a greeting party. It was so neat to watch how they all intermingled.

And the Anhinga was watching it all from the pier post. Several blue herons joined in too.

Sunday was the game knockers bingo.  There were fewer people there this month, some have gone back home for the holidays.

Tuesday was our group Christmas party. We met at Linda's and had an ornament exchange. We brought snacks and Linda picked up subs. It was a great time, thanks Linda.

Wednesday at the coffee meeting, we gave our maintenance guy, Anthony,  an envelope of money for his great work around the community. It was an emotional time for all when we get to give something that's really appreciated.
Lynn and Anthony                                                             Lynn Barbara, Anthony and Judy

Later in the afternoon the rains started and it didn't let up. We had a golfcart parade but there were only five golfcarts  so the parade was short. We had a yankee swap after everyone arrived from the parade. We had hot chocolate, hot cider, brownies and cookies for snacks.

A yankee swap is bringing a gift and you receive a number. The number is called and you can take a gift from the table or grab someone else's gift. The first person has the last choice to swap if they want  or keep what they picked up at the beginning.

The rain continues and tornadoes and threat of tornadoes were all day. There were a couple tornadoes that did damage to homes east of us. We had several inches of rain and for the first time we had water going over the retention pond into the canal. That's why we've never had water under the house. It was worse this time then with hurricane Irma.  There was a bird watching for food as the water was going down the hill.

 Friday we decided at the last minute to go see the movie "The Mule". It's a Clint Eastwood movie and it's very good. This is the first movie in a long time that a lot more people attended. We both say two thumbs up.

The holidays are fast approaching. We had to go to Walmart for a few last minute items so we had "patience with us". It takes awhile to find a parking place and lines to check out, but we wanted to waste a bit of time after the movie to a later time to eat at one of our favorite places Peebles in Auburndale. It's the greatest BBQ place in the area.

Our golfcart has been in the shop all week. It just died on us, they couldn't find anything wrong so they brought it back today. We just have to see if it dies again but we'll watch more closely to be sure it charges up nightly.  We're so happy to have it and hope it works well while the kids are here next week.


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