Saturday, December 29, 2018

Christmas with the Kids

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This blog starts with Christmas day. We had our little Christmas in the morning and relaxed most of the day waiting for the kids coming in from Illinois and we watched their progress on Google maps. The weather was great for the trip so no rain or snow for them.  They arrived about 8:30pm and I had chili ready for them. They were early enough that we had Christmas with them.  We all had a great time visiting.  (Click on the photos to enlarge).

Tuesday we had a downtime day. Letting everyone relax from the 2 day trip. We did go to Target to pick up Christmas lights, wrapping paper and decorations at half price for next year. I made a late afternoon chicken and dumpling dinner.

Jim, Kyle, Kendall, Angie and Frank

The boys went to the Orlando Magic basketball game in Orlando. We got some really good seats for them from our season ticket perks.

Wednesday, we were up  early and made the trip to Kennedy Space Center.
Traffic was terrible. We had a feeling we were in for a long day waiting in lines and we were correct. There were a lot of  people waiting to get on the bus.

We took the bus to the Vehicle Assembly Building. We didn't stop but went on to another building where there were lots of space vehicles to wonder through and also had a big dining area.

Seating for people to watch the launches.

The longest line was for the space simulator.

The line keeps going and going.

Most of our day was waiting in lines. We watched a quick movie about what it was like going into space then got in a space simulator which is close to the real thing. That's quite interesting.
We loved the Atlantis display.

Other interesting rockets around the complex.
The kids in a space rocket. 

Power behind the shuttles.

Cockpit of the earlier flights.

Moon rock

Moon Rover

We had a good time but standing can get to you after awhile. We were all glad to get back home.

Thursday was another long day and heavy traffic.  I 4 is the worst road in the USA for wrecks and today was no exception. We just missed a collision with a big dump truck and car. We took the boys to Universal for them to spend the day. We went to Wahlburgers in Downtown Orlando for lunch. We also walked around Disney Springs.  More people, people and more people. I have no idea where that many would come from but it's crowded. We're glad we can go back when it's not as crowded. The guys picked up the boys around 6:00 which took another couple hours. They had a grand time and we were so glad they came down.

I got a kick on how Jim and Frank walk, both with arms slightly outward. They have the same stride.

Jim found a buddy to read to.

Lego land was really busy.

Before they left this morning Frank made some pancakes. He's used to making enough for his kids.

Thank you guys for making the trip.

The selfie of all of us turned out great.


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