Friday, November 9, 2018

Change Time - Self Defense - Movie - Next Door - Siesta Key

Auburndale, FL  (HI  88  LO 70)

Sunday the time changed. I love having an extra hour of sleep, but the meals takes time to change. Animals are used to being fed the same time everyday and they also have trouble adjusting. I wish they'd pick a time and stay with it. I thought Florida was going to do that, but someone dropped the ball and it's not been mentioned anymore.

Monday, I took a self defense class at the clubhouse. I wasn't sure what to expect but it ended up being very informative. Three gals showed what we should do when attacked from the front or back then each of us did a practice punch. BOB got a beating for the whole hour. (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

There were 15 gals from the community.

Tuesday we went to another movie. This time another remake on "A Star is Born". The background is Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper did a great job. It was Lady Gaga's first movie. Bradley learned the guitar and singing, plus he lowered his voice to match more to Sam Elliott (his brother in the movie).  We both gave two thumbs up.

We had a lounge chair that's been around since we moved in and decided to let it go. I put the picture on Next Door and within an hour I had someone interested. She picked it up the next afternoon. Next Door is an app that has our close neighbors. It's very informative if something is happening in the area, like robberies. There's also items being sold that is close by. I've had very good luck with selling anything. It's well worth the time to sign up.

Friday, we went to the Siesta Key Crystal Classic International sand sculptures Festival in Sarasota. We went a few years ago and loved it so we invited my sister Doris to go with us. This is picture intensive, but worth it. This year we went the first day and glad we did. We learned so much more by asking questions of the artists. They use big boards to fill with sand then work from top down with only watered down sand. It hardens and they spray the final sculpture with Elmers glue and water. They can survive a hurricane in the past in the Northeast. After the contest the sand is spread  back out in the area from where they got it when the contest is over.  The artists are from all over the world. This years theme was circus.

 Hand holding a baseball

This was a 10 minute contest between two artists to see who could come up with an idea circus related. The audience suggested a clown. Then the audience chose which one would win.

This one won hands down.

The letters are done in an out line then taking a straw blowing the extra sand away.

The siesta key is an island and it has a problem with
red tide. Our eyes burn and we coughed the whole time
we were there. Nothing on the beach like dead fish and people
were in the water.

This is looking back from the gulf to the tents setup for vendors.

 A guy on the beach was practicing the sculpture for tomorrow's contest.

We went to dinner at Yoders Amish restaurant on the way home. There's a small area with all Amish near the restaurant.  The traffic was horrible so it took three hours to get back. We settled for an evening watching shows. We're on to another really busy week.

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