Saturday, August 25, 2018

Movie - NC Trip - Podcast

Harlowe, NC (Hi 80  Lo 70)

Monday we went to see ALPHA a movie taken place 20,000 years ago about how wolves became domesticated as dogs. We thought it was good, but maybe watch on TV or netflix. It's all in subtitles. There's not a lot of words, but what was said you had to read. Two thumbs up and for the family.

Wednesday, we left for North Carolina. Our first stop was Summerton, SC. We used to stop there in the RV and we went to see the RV park. They have added a great restaurant The Lake House. The original blog for the park is Santee campground.   It brought back a lot of memories. Here's another view of what it looks like now.

The Lake House restaurant.

We tried to get into the RV park, but the gates were down. We had a bad night sleeping in the motel. That's the time we would really like the RV, our own bed, bathroom and QUIET.

We  had breakfast at Cracker Barrel and headed to Raleigh. Traffic was lighter then normal on I 95 so we made great time both days. We got to Raleigh about 1:00 and met with our friends that we had in NC while we lived there for 14 years. Gary was a radio announcer and still does a lot of podcasts programs. He also was the voice of the gnome on Travelocity for a few years. He asked Jim to do a podcast with him. He does political shows and all kinds of topics. So this one was political topic at the beginning but talked about our six years on the road for the rest of the hour. It's a very good podcast, Triangle Talk Show TTS 25

Gary and Jim on the podcast.

We went to dinner with our friends at Buffalo Brothers. Jeff, Dee, Jim, Jerry, Bobbie and Gary.
Jeff and Bobbie has four Ocicats, so after our great visit at the restaurant we went to see the cats. Jeff  has a teaser and they would run around on the shelves that he made on the walls.

On Friday morning we met up with my former boss, Gary and Chrissa and daughter Jessica.
Dee and Jessica

Chrissa, Dee and Gary

I worked for them for four years. It was my last job before going on the road.  I'm so glad we stayed friends through the years. A few months ago we had Jessica and Tyler her brother, stay with us while they were visiting Florida.

We had breakfast with Jerry at our favorite restaurant, Brigs in Cary, then headed on east to Jim's sisters in Harlowe. Traffic was heavy, but that's normal for this area. We arrived about 2:30 and had the rest of evening visiting and catching up. Stay tuned for part 2 next week.

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