Saturday, June 23, 2018

HOT but it's Florida - Luncheon - Crocheted Items

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 90  Lo 78)

This week was a quiet week, but we're gearing up on what trips and what we'll be doing for the rest of the summer. There's no cooler air on the places we need to go so once we figure out which direction we go first, we'll be heading out. We'd like to go to North Carolina to see Jim's family and to Raleigh to see our friends. We'd like to go to Illinois but not sure if we want to do two separate trips or do it all at once. The fun is the planning.

Once a month Jim has veterans breakfast, still about 20 people going and they have a good time at a local restaurant, R Place. that's a neat name. On Sunday my time with some gals around the park playing a dice game called Spinners. More people are leaving for the summer so there's less people to find to play games or do something. Monday is darts, only three of us this week. Wednesday was our monthly gals luncheon. There were 20 of us this time.  It's a good time to meet people you  don't see everyday.

Tuesday and Friday's I still play shuffleboard. I took a box fan and it keeps us cooler then we would without it. Sometimes there's a breeze off the lake which is really nice.

Wednesday afternoons and Thursday evenings I play Hand and Foot a card game. I'm trying to stay busy along with crocheting when nothing else is going on.

My sister in law wanted a crocheted copy of her dog. This looks just like it.

I saw this pattern on facebook and loved it. I'll be doing four dinosaurs with eggs.


Large Giraffe

Little Giraffe with whale.

Mini keyring backpacks. There's a strap on the back to put a belt thru. Coins, lipstick, lip chap, little stuff that you want with you fits. Even meds if you put in a med bottle.

The afternoon storms are everyday. They're usually quick and dump a lot of rain in about 10 minutes time. See you next week.

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