Saturday, June 16, 2018

Day Trip Tarpon Springs - Tribute Band, Queen - Golfcart Pad

Auburndale, FL (Hi 90  L  73)

Thank you all our readers. We love getting comments and letting us know the blog is worth writing even if we're no longer traveling.

Our day trip this week was to Tarpon Springs. We've thought about going for years while we were here in the winters. We bought tickets for the boat tour to Anclote Island ahead of time. We got there early enough that we got a great parking place where we took a boat ride. Tarpon Springs is where sponges are brought in from the Gulf. There's a story about the area. (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

We walked around all morning. There's tons of shops with sponges and homemade soaps. After a few shops we noticed they all have about the same things, but one surprising thing was the cheaper prices then you'd find most of the time in touristy shops. There's a t-shit place with a great selection that every shirt is $5. The summer dresses were even cheaper then expected. We had lunch at Hellas restaurant. It's the most popular and the environment is fun.

Looking up and down the road from the boat launch with several other views.

Sponges being off loaded from the boats.

Jim watching the sorting of different sizes of sponges.

This bike is outside a record shop.

Some things in the stores of interest. This is so cute made with shells. I wish I could think up ideas.

The highlight was the boat cruise out to the lighthouse. We took the Odyssey tour.

Everyone watches for dolphins. We happened to see a family of dolphins with a baby. The baby was coming toward the boat and mamma came after it. Our boat sat still with no motor running while we took pictures and videos. What an experience. They tend to be around more with low tide, something to remember when we go out again.

We docked at Anclote island on the biggest key. We had 30 minutes to roam around in the "hot" water of the sand bar and island. The lighthouse was a couple miles down the beach. They will reopen it later this summer, for people to climb to the top. We'll go back when we can do that. This is views from the beach area.

Jim is wading in water, but you can't tell it. The water is so clear.

On the way back we got to see spoonbill birds. I knew they were in Florida but never saw one. This is the first.

There's also a winery where I got a few bottles.  You could taste as many as you wanted for free.

We had a good time and we're planning on going back, just have to set a date.

Thursday night we went to see Queen a Tribute band at the RP Funding Center in Lakeland. They did music from A Night at the Opera album. The second half was a few of the top hits. We weren't allowed any pictures this one is from the website.

They were very good and almost did the exact sound as the original. It was an enjoyable night.

Friday we had our golfcart pad put in. It's hot and I felt sorry for the guys working. They started early but it's hot even at 7am. The humidity and heat with no breeze is no fun being outside and it's only June.

A look from the end of the house toward the road.

Now we have a golfcart pad. It will take a couple days to dry.

A few other pictures from this week.

A cloud with a halo before a big storm.

A family of Moore Hens were in our retention pond.

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