Saturday, December 2, 2017

Decorating - Universal - Avon Park Visit

Auburndale, FL (Hi 81  Lo 62)

Saturday, Sunday and Monday we decorated our house inside and out. We did a lot of climbing on ladders and rearranging lights plus back and forth to the store for more lights. It's all done. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Our Florida room.

Our kitchen area. 

Living room.

We'll add more next year I'm sure, but it's been fun decorating this year.

Monday we went to Universal in Orlando with some RV'ing friends of ours. It's always fun to get together.
Dee, Jim, Anna, Ed and Gail

We got to Universal about 9:30. The first thing out of the garage, I fell on the moving walkway. Luckily I didn't fall on my knee only the hip and it didn't break. I was stiff and sore the rest of the day, all five miles of walking and riding rides. The walking wasn't as bad as the sitting. (A followup I was really sore the next day but it's getting better and quite black and blue).

We had a wonderful time seeing as much as we could but the reason we went was to see Harry Potter. Here's a few pictures of the day but to really enjoy it, you need to go. It's just like the movie. The rides are spectacular.  We also went thru a simulated ride of the Minions which was wonderful but no pictures allowed. If you do plan on going to Universal go right after Thanksgiving day and before Christmas. There's very few people around and NO lines.

Butterbeer is a must. It's a great drink and very sweet. The wand was Anna's.

I love the owls but didn't get one.

Anna is trying to find a wand then got one. There's 53 types of wands to chose from.

Gail and Ed

Everyone talks about the fire breathing dragon. It didn't work while we were there. An employee said it quit working late morning. I guess we'll have to go back.

The next park was the other half of Harry Potter, into Hogsmeade. The train ride to the other park  has a few surprises.

See, no one in line.

The view when you get off the train.

The entry to the castle.

We stayed to watch the light show. The time was 6:00 during the winter months. The whole park closes at 7. This is before the light show.

Then when the lights came on. The show was seven minutes long.

There was so much more. Now it's time to get your tickets and get to Universal.

Wednesday Jim went to eye doctor to get ready for cateract surgery. It was a four hour appointment,  but he went from room to room for different tests so it wasn't a bad wait. There will be one more day of tests then the surgery and followup. It will all be over by the new year.

Friday I went to Avon park to meet with  the crochet group. A lot of the gals are back from the North. It was wonderful seeing everyone. I learned a new stitch in crochet called broomstick stitch.  I had lunch with Barb then on to a massage with Dana that used to be my massage therapist the six years we were in the park. It was great being with her again. I'm hoping to get there once a month till April.  It's like "going home".

A few of the gals.

Another week and now it's December!  See you next week.

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