Saturday, November 4, 2017

Basketball - Priorities - Crochet Critters

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 84  Lo 71)

We went to our first preseason basketball game on Monday. It was for season ticket holders only and there were very few people attending. We got to sit in different seats to see what would be good for next year if we decide to get tickets again.

This is this years seats.

This would be good for next year.

We were very impressed on how well the Lakeland Magic played against the Memphis Hustlers. The Lakeland team won, we're off to a great start.

Our docks are all messed up from the hurricane, so we now have another boat that's been put in the canal. The problem is the canal is in bad shape this year and the boat looks like it's about to sink. The owner did move it now it's beside another guys boat. The Sandhill cranes look like they're checking it out.

We're going into the winter months with snowbirds arriving and lots of activities happening. It's time to prioritize. We have basketball games going on at the same time we have events and activities at the clubhouse like HOA meetings. I also want to play shuffleboard, line dancing, hand and foot (cards). I have to figure out what's more important.

When I'm home and not doing anything I've started some orders I got from the craft fair and making some "critters" to sell next year.

I made a momma unicorn in yarn and baby in thread.


A bat


Mice with catnip for cat toys.

This is what is left to sell.  I sell most critter for $2 each. I mail them for usually $2.45 in a small envelope. If you see anything I've made Let me know. Here's a website with everything I've done,  (click here)  Take a picture of your dog or cat and send me an email.

While we've been out, Jim saw great reviews on this place, Strawberry Hut in Plant City. It has terrific Cuban sandwiches. We agree, if you're in the area  look this place up. There's no inside seating, but a pick up and go place. It does have a few picnic tables outside if the weather is good.

The sunset, which was a lot prettier in person. The sun was a lot brighter then it shows.

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