Saturday, September 9, 2017

Labor Day Party - Hurricane IRMA

Auburndale, FL ( Hi 91  Lo 76)

Monday was labor day and we had a potluck in the clubhouse. There were 130 people and lots of food.

One of the games was shuffleboard. I play every Tuesday and Friday with a few folks and thought I'd be the first one off the court. I ended up tie with the best player in the park. We ran out of time on Monday so played each other on Tueday. He won, but at least I had a score on the board. My goal in life, is to beat him.

We had a good time. It won't be long the snowbirds will be here and we'll have a good time with get together's when they get here.

Wednesday we started thinking about what we'd do for hurricane Irma. We usually don't get a direct hit in the middle of the state so we didn't think we'd move north. We laid awake wondering if we should or shouldn't leave the state, but with the track of the storm going East and a lot of decision making we decided to stay in place. The traffic is horrible trying to go north and the coastal people have a mandatory evacuation.
I'm still crocheting for the craft fair. I'm working on Christmas decorations.

I'll post again when we get thru the storm. It may be awhile if we lose electricity. I do post from the phone on Facebook. Pray for Floridians.

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Clark said...

We were wondering how you were doing. Thanks for posting. Praying all goes well for you guys.