Saturday, September 2, 2017

Hurricane Harvey - Movie from the Past

Auburndale, FL  (Hi 97  Lo  75)

I don't normally post weather activities, but Hurricane Harvey has been around for a week in Texas and it's the main topic on everyone's mind. It's catastrophic and lots of people are without homes. It came in as a cat 4 into Freeport, TX. It's flooded Houston and surrounding cities east and it will be years before all the rebuilding will be done.

Here's a couple pictures of before and after on a highway in Houston area.

Nothing else matters in comparison on what's going on in Texas.

It's now September, I thought August would never end. It should start cooling down a bit this month.

We finally got the older TV out of the kitchen and updated to a flat screen.  A very heavy TV set. We could only get channels under 100.

Now we have a cable box and all the channels.

The people next door was getting gutters put on the boat shed. The boy was talking on the phone walking around the roof.

We went to a movie in Brandon about 45 minutes from us that's a blast from the past. Close Encounters of the Third Kind was playing at a Dolby theater. It was great seeing it again after all these years. One of our favorites.

Now that it's September there will be a lot more going on. Stay tuned.

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Tom and Deb Duchaine said...

It is so sad one part of our country has been destroyed from to much water and the Northwest is burning and hoping for rain.